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Would you like to market your goods and services through PMR?

We are always on the lookout for reliable suppliers to recommend to our hundreds of farms and other land-based businesses across Wales.

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The potential benefits to you are:

  • You should gain from the trust our members have for PMR.
  • At no cost to you, we will advertise your products and services to our members
  • We will issue sales invoices to members, based on the information you send to us, reducing your postage costs
  • We will collect the money for you by direct debit and pay it into your bank, saving you time and hassle
  • We do not allow members to make purchases unless they sign a direct debit mandate
  • We also bar members from making purchases if their account is in arrears

Please note that we act as an agent and not a principal with regard to your sales. Therefore, while we will negotiate sales and collect monies on your behalf, the sales contract – including any monies owing -- remains between you and the customer. For example, if the customer is not happy with your goods or services, you would remain responsible for any returns or credits. However, we will do our best to act as an ‘honest broker’ between the two of you.

If you would like to enquire further, please give us a call on 01437 761321 or go to our contact page and complete a contact form.


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